Fiat 850 Sport Spider

Here you can find the Links to the nicest pages on the web dedicated to the wonderfull Fiat 850 Spider.

On this pages, very interestings, is presented the Racer of Gaetano. If you dont know what are the differences between the Fiat 850 Spider and the Racer of Bertone take a look to this pages (Only italian, at the moment)

This interesting site rappresent the american way to approach to the Fiat 850 Spider. You MUST visit the tecnics and the photos sections of this site. Also interesting part is the spare part. (Only English)

Here only Italian cars are admitted: the Fiat 850 Spider is naturally present! Nice photos, a little of history and old magazines.

This is a site on Bertone's Racer' , an upgrade of our Spider. A nice page of Links is naturally present ...!

This site (Only Czec, sigh!) is an Encyclopedia of the Fiat. There' an important Link page that you can reach clicking on the right '850' and the left/down - Fiat 850 - Internetové adresy -

This is the Classic Car of Sardinia's site. Here there're no 850, but a lot of info on ASI and a different point of view to live Old Cars .