Bosa it's a village, having about 8000 inhabitants, situated in the north-west side of Sardinia Island, standing in the middle from Alghero and Oristano .

It's story has always been influenced by the Temo river, the true richness of this piece of Island, the only navigable one.

In the surroundings of this village, there are numerous rests of differents peoples, lead in this place by the presence of a safe port: Nuragics (3500 b.c.), Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Pisani, Spanish, Arabs...

Nuragics rests are numerous: perhaps one of the best examples of nuraghe is on the road from Bosa to Macomer, near the crossing with the road to Pozzomaggiore. This nuraghe is called the Nuraghe of Bara (or sometimes the Nuraghe Succuronis) and it's a monotower Nuraghe, 30ft high, perfectly conserved.

Another thing worth of note is the presence on the Serravalle hill of the Malaspina Castle, rised in the 1200 by that Malaspina's Marquis mentioned By Dante Alighieri in the Divina Commedia poem. You cannot leave Bosa without to rise the old medioeval lanes of Sa Costa till the Castle from where you can take the complete view of all the Temo valley, the some view that incanted the Malaspina Marquis so much that he cannot stay longer far from here!

Inside the Castle not many things are today safes. The most important one is the medioeval Church of Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos where you can find old paintings made by Toscan Artists of the Giotto period.

The bridge on the Temo River has been made in the some period of the Castle, and it's still there to connect Bosa to rest of the Planargia. There was another bridge, 4 Km East this one, made by Romans, but now only few rests remains.

Yes, the years passes, but this towers gives a clear idea of how much defensive strength proceeded from the Malaspina Castle to protect all the inhabitants of Bosa and of all Planargia's plain.

No filter was applied to the standard Photo Camera that take this photo, and no digital fitering was made passing it from the scanner thru file: it seems almost impossible but in reality the blue of the sky was a little more intense than this!

From this windows (inside and outside view) the soldier of Malaspina Marquis controlled peoples entering and exiting the Castle: a fortress into the fortress!

3 Km east the bridge on the Temo river, lay the Basilic of San Pietro Extramuros, an old romanic style church, called this way because was outside the walls of the city. This church is still used for Marriages and extraordinary liturgies by the Bishop of Bosa and Alghero.

3 Km west the bridge, where's the river's mouths, lay the Place called Bosa Marina, where you cand find the little touristic port of Bosa and the main beach of the city. Two things are relevants here: the color of the sand (a clear brown due to the presence of iron) and the Tower made by Malaspina Marquis on the little island called Isola Rossa in front of the river's mouths, key of all the defence sistem of the territory from the sea to the Castle.

Another thing worth of note is the litoral from Bosa to Alghero: a land rich of suggestive panorams like this one near Capo Marrargiu o this one naer the rock called Managu” and inhabited by rare birds like the Grifone or Avvoltoio degli Agnelli” .

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