To go to Cala Gonone you have to drive back to Lotzorai and take the road leading to Banuei, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the islets of Ogliastra, the gulf of Tortolì and Capo Bellavista. From Banuei a winding road leads to the eastern ridge which overlooks the sea and then the hinterland sourronding Supramonte. On this side, after reaching a height of a thousand meters, the ridge overlooks Rio Flumineddu and faces the rocky crests of Monte Oddeu (Oddeu Montain) near the dreadful gorge of Gorroppu. After that you will reach a tunnel that after passing trough the mountain shows the most beautiful view in the whole island.

From here you can see Cala Gonone, the jewel of the gulf of the Orosei, bordered by mountains and forests reflecting in a bright blue sea. After visiting the beautiful beach near the small harbour and after walking down to Cala Fuili the only way to reach some other close marvellous beaches is travelling by boat. There are no words to describe the beaty of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Birioli and Cala Mariolu.

After passing Punta di Tamarigio there is the enchanting promontory of Capo Coda di Cavallo whose end is only some hundred meters far from a nice islet, the Proratora. The south-eastern side of the islet faces a pleasant bay with a sandy shoal and clear warm water because it is rarely crossed by the open-sea currents. The north side of the bay is enclosed by the beautiful island of Molara and by the rough white calcareous rocks of the island of Tavolara. In order to reach Cala Girgolu you have to drive for some kilometers along a narrow road which begins in the centre of a village

called Monte Pedrosu and goes down to the sea. After leading to this large beach the road runs along some pleasant beaches and rocky promontories. On the contrary, Porto Taverna is completely different. It can be reach walking along some paths in the Vacilleddi area and it is a white sandy beach which runs into a bright green sea.

Alghero has been recently connected to Bosa by a beautiful panoramic coastal road. It runs for several meters on the sea-level and then climbs a rocky ridge of hills which strongly oppose the sea erosion.
The whole drive is about 40 kilometers long and passes trough a desertic aerea woth no roads leading to the sea. Torre Poglina overlooks the large bay of Capo Marargiu, which affords some small inlets such as Seno de sa Pazzosa and Porto Tangone and some islets such the island of sa Pagliosa.
Cala Giunchesca, Porto Managu and the islet having the same name, Cala Rabina and Cala del Moro can be seen from Cala Marargiu.

The coastal strip belonging to the aerea of Budoni is mainly formed by large beaches surronded by small cliffs and bordered by lush pine forests. To this coastal strip belongs Punta Ottiolo, Punta de li Turchi and the wonderful beaches of Agrustos. From Punta li Calcutti begins Cala di Budoni, a large arch-like beach running between the sea and Stagno di S. Anna (St. Anna Pond). At its southern end there is Punta S. Anna and Baia di Portu Ainu (Bay of Ainu Harbour). This bay can

be easily reached passing trough the small village of Taunella. Going on along the coast there is Baia S. Anna (St. Anna Bay) which ends up in Punta la Batteria. Some hundred meters off-shore there is Isolotto dei Pedrami (Islet of Pedrami) which is mainly frequented by underwater fisherman.

Coming from the south, therefore driving along the coastal road which joins Budoni to S. Teodoro, and passing trough Argustos, the Costa S. Teodoro opens on to a marvellous small bay on Punta l' Isuledda.
Its large white sandy shore runs between a fragant mediterranean undergrowth and a fantastic sea-tract whose colours shades are hard to tell: from aqua-marine to light blue, blue and dark blue.

Travelling on toward the village you will find Cala d' Ambra and the queen of the beaches belonging to this aerea, the Cinta.
Driving on the truck-road along Stagno di S. Anna (St. Anna Pond) you can see the beach even from a great distance because of its extension and bright colours.
The beach ends up with the promontory of Punt' Aldia.
Further on to the north there are the marvellous beaches of Lu Impostu and Catranzoli in the bay of Porto Brandichi (bay of Brandich Harbour), which is now highly frequented by the local Sunday travellers thanks to an intense forests planting.